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Dive Sites

Floating Emily

This dive site is commonly called B-29, but it is actually a Japanese floating Emily seaplane. Maximum depth is 30'. The wreck lies on a white sand bottom surrounded by small coral heads. There are usually some small white tip reef sharks that hang around this wreck. This is usually a very easy dive, but sometimes current is present. This is a boat dive.


This is a white sand bottom in about 60' of water with scattered coral heads. The spotted eagle rays use the coral heads as cleaning stations and you can usually find a group of them at one of the coral heads. If you sit on the bottom and just watch them, they typically will keep swimming around you and let you take all the pictures you like. There is usually some current present, but not usually too bad. This is a boat dive.

Temple of Doom

This is a deep rock formation outside of the Grotto. You have to be extremely good on air to make it out to the formation. The top of it is about 80' and the bottom drops off to 160'. This dive is only for very experienced divers. I will only take you here after you have shown me that you are capable of making it on a tank of air. This is a shore dive.

Lau Lau

Lau Lau is the site where we take Discover Divers and where we typically take Open Water students. You usually don't have any current here, and the waves are usually small. The entry and exit are usually very easy. Depth for this dive ranges from 20' - 100'. There is a resident fish ball that we can usually find, and this is a good site to see turtles, both green and Hawksbill turtles. There is a wide variety of coral here and some very beautiful coral formations. This is a shore dive.

Chin Sen Mauru

This is a Korean supply ship that was taken and used by the Japanese during World War II. It was torpedoed and blown apart, so there reallly isn't much to penetrate, but it is still fun to swim around and check out. Maximum depth is 30'. Lots of fish, some white tip reef sharks and plenty of nudibranchs. This is a boat dive.

Fleming Wall

The visibility here is amazing, usually 150'+. This is a sheer wall, dropping off to 250'. There are some very cool cracks and crevices to swim through. There are huge Gorgonian sea fans on the wall, sea whips and assorted coral. You typically see turtles here, rays and the occasional shark. Great dive for photography. This is a boat dive that leaves Saipan and goes to Tinian.


Dimple is a huge coral formation, the top of it is in about 50' of water and it drops off to about 120'. There are many different varieties of coral on this mound. You are likely to see Hawksbill turtles, moray eels, spotted eagle rays, and large schools of fish. This is a boat dive.


Spotlight is a cave that goes back up under the cliff line at Banzai cliff. There is a hole in the shelf rock on the ceiling of the cave that lets a shaft of light shine down into the cave in the middle of the day during the summer. There are some very cool tunnels to swim through in the rear of the cave that go up to air pockets within the cave. Depth is about 80' for this dive. This is a boat dive.


Obyan is what I would think it would be like to dive in an aquarium. The visibility here is usually very good. It is a white sand bottom with coral fingers running through it. There are hundreds of garden eels in the sand, and moray eels and lionfish that like to hang out in the coral. There is a beautiful selection of corals here, including a lot of soft coral. This can be done as a shore or boat dive.

Wing Beach

This is a summer only dive, usually May through September. The corals are more vibrant and colorful here than any other site on Saipan. The underwater topography is spectacular here with an underwater crevasse, and a sloping wall. This is a good dive to find octopus, lionfish, nudibranchs, huge stonefish and an assortment of other critters. Depth ranges from 5' to 110'. This is absolutely one of my favorite Saipan dives. This can be done as a shore or boat dive.


Diving on Saipan is not complete without at least 1 Grotto dive. It is our signature dive, and has been ranked by some dive magazines as the 2nd best cavern dive in the world. The brilliant blue color that comes through the holes makes for stunning backdrops for your pictures. You walk down 116 steps to enter a pool that has 3 separate exits to the open ocean. You will see large fish and an assortment of nudibranchs inside the Grotto. This is a shore dive.